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Program Summary for 2023/24 Season

  • Travel Co-ed: Travel teams are grouped by birth-year and play in the Valley Hockey League (VHL).
    • 18U (2005/08)
    • 14U (2009/10)
    • 12U (2011/12)
    • 10U (2013/14)
    • 8U (2015/16)



  • The 8U -Development program is for players that could use more time playing in small area games before moving on to a travel team, and currrently play in the Town Line League run out of the Bajko Rink in Hyde Park.
  • 2015-2016 players that don't make a travel team will have the opportunity to play in an In-house league.
  • In-house programs are for younger skaters (ages 4-8) that want the minimal commitment, very regular schedule and low cost opportunity to learn to play, and for 9-12 year olds that aren't placed on a travel team.

For more detailed information about program offerings, see:

Season Schedule

  • Feb/March
    • travel/girls registration
    • travel/girls tryouts
  • April/May
    • register with USA Hockey and update players USA confirmation numbers
    • team placements announced
  • August
    • pre-season skills for travel/girls
  • September
    • 8U-Development team placements
    • In-house registration opens
    • travel/girls/development season begins
  • October
    • In-house season starts