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Valley League Games - you must fill out  a game postponement form via the Valley League website and notify the opposing team coach.   The game will be listed as a forfeit by the cancelling team until it is made up.

To Reschedule a Valley League Game

The standard process when a team has a conflict with a game is the following:


1)  Submit a Game Postponement form - The head coach needs to sign into the VHL website using the unique Program Coach username/password to access the section of the website with the Game Postponement form.


Once logged in, you will see "ADMIN" menu choice show up on the right side of the menu bar.

The game postponement form may be found on the 'Admin' tab under 'Game Forms'


3)  Reschedule the game - this is often done on either practice ice from one of the two teams, ice that hasn't been assigned or if another VHL team cancels a game on you, you can utilize that ice (and referees) for a makeup game like this!  Please consult with the NYH Operations Manager regarding available ice and to find out which rinks allow games.  If you end up rescheduling the game on your own ice, you will need to get referees and a timekeeper at the teams expense.


4)  Submit the Make Up Game Sheet - once the game is played, please send a copy of the completed game sheet to the league office via mail, fax or scan/email to:  Valley League  7 Parkridge Rd. Haverhill, MA 01835  Fax 978-557-5519  Email: 

  • These forms must be filled out within seven (7) days of any  canceled or postponed game. Both the home and visitor coaches are required to submit these forms. Forfeits and credits will be awarded only if these forms are received prior to the aforementioned  deadline. Note:The canceling team will be charged 2 game fees IF the game is NOT rescheduled. 

      • Opponents requesting postponement of scheduled games must make arrangements with opponent and submit a league score sheet within 30 days of the originally scheduled game date (except for game originally scheduled after April 2nd). (b) All game sheets for postponements must be received on or before the last scheduled regular season game in that respective division.

  • At the make up game, you pay the refs and timekeeper in cash  (Refs: $22 to $50 per ref based on age/level and timekeepers are: $20  Rates are subject to change)
  • Inclement weather: teams should call the rink they are scheduled to play in.  If the rink is open, the game should be played.  You may also check online for any weather related cancelations. (Ultimately it is the Coaches call, if it unsafe for your team to travel and the rink is open make the executive decision that is best for you and your players/families, most rinks will not close unless it is a State of Emergency).